2 thoughts on “Becoming a Mum without a Mum (Daily Mail)

  1. Hi Georgina, my very good friend Danielle told me about this article you wrote and how she could really relate to it. My step brothers lost there mum when they were both very young and I could never imagine how it felt, I am a mum of two and step mum of two and all our children live with us. I am very lucky to have my mum, I wanted to say like my friend Danielle you are both an inspiration this article touched me. How you explained how you felt when you had your baby boy Finally I can remember Danielle many times feeling sad and wishing her mum could be here to not just support but to celebrate the success Danielle has made along the way. Myself and Danielle job shared for years but after having her last daughter Danielle was unable to return to work due to childcare, I have since gone back to work after having my little boy but excitingly Danielle and I have started up our own business to work around our children this was inspired by Danielle’s eldest daughter our business is called “My locker world” we hope it will be a success (then I will be able to give the day job up!) I wish you and your family every happiness and success kind regards Lara

    • Hi Lara,

      Thank you so much for your lovely message. It’s always so nice to hear that something I’ve written has resonated with someone and helped them understand how something feels. Wish you every success with your new business venture and family too.

      Best, Georgina x

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